Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday

Another week....another project not finished ..haha!!

But it has been a busy week, on lots of different fronts. But I did manage to get some quilting time too.

The magic 4 patch is still in the works....

I really love these colors. They are so soft and pretty.

I spent some time working on the free motion quilting for the "Kiss the Frog" that I made just for me...
 I only have enough pins to baste 2 quilts, so that forces me to get busy and do some quilting !!  So now only  the binding left to do on this pretty little one!

I also have another tote bag in the works. This one is bigger...called a Day-tripper bag. Also a pattern from a magazine.(Izzy & Ivy Design)  Also made from home decorator fabric. I love those heavier fabrics for tote bags, it gives them a bit more durability.This one is quite stiff, and has Buckram instead of batting in the layers.

Now I need to find some pretty large buttons for the closure loops....maybe I will go check out Button Mad, they have such cool handmade buttons there.

Projects that are still sitting, and waiting patiently are "Java" and "Daydream"  But...
I had to buy (yes..I had to!) some more fabric. I ordered from 1 choice 4

They had some good sales on, and were so friendly to deal with. Now I am watching my mailbox!!


  1. Love your first sentence, Flo! I'm in the same boat!


  2. Thank you Flo for the link to 1 Choice 4 Quilting, I just signed up for their newsletter. Great prices and shipping. Thanks again.

  3. Maybe no finishes, but love the WIP pictures - afterall it started somewheres. Oh, I have indulged in a lot of SALES at different shops - even my local LQS got some of my business. But, too, I need some finishes before I play in the new!

  4. The quilting on your KTF quilt looks great!

  5. Hehe :) I love the delight of a finish.

    Also love the colors in your disappearing 4-patch.

  6. I feel you with another non finish week. I can't seem to finish anything :) I like your kiss the frog quilt it looks wonderful

  7. Love the quilting on your just for me quilt! Gorgeous! and your tote bag looks really interesting - not that I need another project right now!

  8. Wow. You have lots of cool projects in the fire. I will have to check back to see them finished. I love that fig tree quilt you are working on...I cannot live without fig tree. LOL...okay, maybe I stretch it a bit...but I do love it. Pretty!

  9. Finish?!?! Are we supposed to actually finish a quilt? I just want to stop when the top is pieced!! I love your Fig Tree quilts ... their fabrics are waiting for Strawberry Fields yardage to make their "Kiss Me" quilt!

  10. Flo I love your bag. Thank you for the link. I signed up for there newletter and I am going shopping.

  11. Nice work! Your quilting is lovely!


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