Monday, June 27, 2011

wedding weekend

I don't get to attend many weddings these days, but of course I had TWO weddings ...both on the same day!!
Fortunately the timing was perfect, one was afternoon, and one was evening so I was able to be there for both of them.

I have posted quite a bit about the quilts I made for these weddings..
"Celebration" ..

for the Celebration bride and groom...

and "Kiss the Frog"  oops I mean "Ever After"

for the "Ever After" bride and groom.

The "Celebration" wedding was my nephew, so we have had a lot of family staying here, so things have been busy. It will seem very quiet today when the house is empty!!


  1. How fun to see the receiving couples of your wonderful quilts. Oh take time to enjoy the quiet when it happens.

  2. Beautiful brides and grooms!


  3. I'm sure that both couples will love their gifts -- they are beautiful and heartfelt, m

  4. beautiful quilts and lovely couples - awww I love weddings...


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