Friday, June 24, 2011

On with the backing ..

I found some perfect material for the backing for the magic 4 patch quilt.....of course in the half price section!!
And with my superior mathematics skills...I figured and ciphered and .....still I managed to buy a yard too much !!!

Oh well, I am sure I will find another home for the leftovers!
So I have been working on the FMQ for the quilt...I am really enjoying doing this.

The more I do, the more comfortable I get with it. I love this machine.. my Janome Horizon for is soooo even and steady! I still am FMQ without dropping the feed dogs, and just setting the stitch length to zero. I works great!
There are still mistakes, and little jigs and jogs in places, but my stitching is getting more even. I keep using the same pattern/design for my FMQ... the echoed feather/teardrop thing.....maybe I am stuck in a rut...or maybe as I prefer to think about it ..I am perfecting a technique!

I did try something a little different for the border though...  kind of cute, aren't they??

And the back yard is blooming..I love to take a tour each day and see what is new out there..


  1. I just can't say it enough - you have taken so well to FMQ'ing - amazed!! Love your string of hearts in the border. Oh, Poppies - something I just can't get to grow here and would love to (my great gran had huge beds)

  2. love the backing fabric - I think I had some of that last year - I really like it - very nice choice, the quilting is great too. You are doing so well!!!! lovely flowers too!

  3. Your math and my math seem to be the same! Anyway, better too much than too little!


  4. I really like the fabric you choose for the back. And your quilting is absoutly beautiful.


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