Wednesday, July 27, 2011

baby bath time

A little departure from sew a hooded baby bath towel for a new baby.
My daughters were in competitive gymnastics for many years, and one of the coaches that was a big part of their lives during that time has now had a new baby boy.
These are really quick and easy to make, and are such a great gift..

Use 1 yard of terry toweling,  square it up to 36" (or 39" if you buy a metre) I find this a great size and can be used until they are a toddler!
Because the toweling is wider you will be left with a strip of material. Cut a square at least 10" or 12", and then cut the square in half to form the hood.
To finish the edges I use wide seam binding, folded in half. and pressed.  I have also used double fold seam binding which comes in more colors, and produces a bit narrower edging, but still works fine.

Sew the binding FIRST onto the long edge of the triangle.  Be sure to use a walking foot if you have one, because the terry toweling tends to stretch.
Use a zigzag stitch, being sure to catch the edge along the back too.
With the seam binding sewn onto the triangle, pin the triangle in place over the corner of the towel.
Then pin the seam binding onto the edges all the way around the towel.

Fold the corners to make a mitered corner...
After I have zig-zagged (is that a word??) around the whole outside edge, I also go back and zig zag all the mitered corners too.
Because I have no artistic ability at all, I buy little appliques to add onto the front. You can embroider a design or a name if you have those skills...which I don't!  And there a lots of cute appliques out there...I love Pooh!
Throw it into the washing machine because there are always lots of little bits of terry toweling! (which you will find all over the house LOL)  And that is all folks!

And don't forget to check out the "Travelling Stash".  I will be making the draw for this on Friday!! Get your name in could be yours next!!

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  1. Good tutorial, Flo! And you're right, that terry cloth is stretchy and messy, but oh, how good it feels when it's done! Babies look so cute all wrapped up in one of these towels!


  2. Very clear instructions Flo, what new mom wouldn't want a hooded towel.

  3. Nice tutorial! Perfect gift idea for a new mom :)


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