Tuesday, July 12, 2011

my Newfoundland treasures

I was fortunate to get a chance, thanks to Andrea (Comfort Cove Designs Blog) to visit a couple of local quilt stores while I was in Newfoundland. It was so much fun and I bought a few little treasures while I was there.

The first thing I found was a book...Dresden Plates for dummies...OK not quite, but it says simplified..

I have a fascination with Dresden plates, but have never been brave enough to start making one. I have a very old Dresden Plate quilt, that I think was made by my Grandmother.. it is all hand pieced and hand quilted!

I seldom use it because it is filled with real wool, like straight from the sheep, not batting, so I don't know how to clean it. It is super duper warm though!!  I have always liked this quilt, and have thought that I might try to make one someday.  Maybe this will be the starting point????

I also picked up a couple of baby book panels....

I have seen these already made up at craft shows, but have never known where to buy the panels. Now I will be ready for the next baby present!!

I fell in love with the rich colors in these batiks......

I have no idea what I will use them for...mmmm.....ever seen batik Dresden plates??? That would be very striking!

And my last purchase was this little fat quarter bundle...(my suitcase was only so  big!!)

......again, no particular project in mind, but I liked the soft greens/yellows/ browns and thought I could make a "Newfoundland" quilt to remember my trip. ....someday???!!!


  1. oooohhhh quilting eye candy - lucky girl! LOVE dresden quilts as well and your grandmother's one is a real treasure!

  2. Your grandmother was a talented woman! How lucky that you have that quilt! I've only made two Dresden plate blocks and they turned out ok, not great, but ok. Definitely need to do them again! You picked up some great fabrics! The baby books will be so cute!


  3. I love that pattern. It would be beautiful in the batik fabrics! I actually used to collect old quilts and did know my pattern names...now that I have all of these from my mother-in-law, I've forgotten what I ever knew! My favorite was always the wedding ring pattern.

  4. Lovely goodies! What a special Dresden - Sheila already recommended Jan - great advice there. I have never seen a Batik dressie, lot of fan quilts with them - Hey Why Not!! it's your quilt. Now I would love to play with the FQ bundle - my kind of colors. Well done!

  5. Grandmother's Dresden is beautiful, your so lucky to have such an heirloom. You had some good finds at the quilt shop. Love the fat quarter bundle.


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