Saturday, July 30, 2011

What does 50 mean to you??

What does 50 mean.....
50...fifty....five-zero....half of one hundred.....half a century.....or


I really am amazed..and honored..that my followers are up to 50!! I was not sure that I had anything important or interesting to say, and in the beginning felt like I was talking to myself! But I have made so many "blog friends" and learned so much from other people, and won some fun giveaways!  What a great community to belong to.

So in celebration, and to say a big thank you to all of my followers I thought I would have a very bear with me here!

How about one of my little scrappy baskets...

and a "Dream On" Charm you could make your own?

To entry per person...just let me know you are a follower (or a new follower), and tell me what 50 means to you!!
I will be making a draw in one week ...on Sunday, next week Aug get your name in now!
And thank you so much for all your comments, suggestions, support and just being part of my blog world!


  1. I am a follower! Congratulations on 50! I look forward to hitting the big "50" myself on my blog someday!

  2. Congratulations Flo - oh, you have more listening than you think! What a sweet give away, but don't put my name in - I have the traveling box coming. '50' - little fingers to hold (grand children)

  3. Congrats on reaching 50! I read somewhere that in our fifties, we start to focus on what matters to us the most! I enjoy your blog and I am one of your 50.

  4. I am a follower through Google Reader. Congratulations on reaching 50! 50 for me meant helping to host my high school's 50 Birthday. Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Congratulations and more follower to come!!.
    I`m one of yours 50 and love your blog.
    50 is gold,is mid -age of our life.

  6. Congrats on reaching the big 50! 50followers are enjoying your quilting, travels and ideas - I'm happy to be one of them.

  7. Congratulations of reaching 50 followers of which I am one. Don't put my name down for prize as I live in Scotland. I reach my 50 years of age in August. So it is a big number for myself as well.

  8. Hi Flo
    Just joined altho I have followed your blog for some time. It is very interesting and hopefully stimulates me to do more.

  9. Da jeg ble 50... syntes jeg at livet ble litt bedre :) Jeg har den glede å følge din blogg !
    Ha en fin kveld :)

  10. Hi Flo - congrats on reaching 50! I am turning 50 next year and am planning to celebrate with a party - all my friends, great food and good music. My husband will be allowed to share the party with me as he turns 50 a few months later, but he has to promise not to sulk about getting older!- something he has been doing since his 30th for goodness sake!

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  12. Congratulations Flo---------what an accomplishment to have 50 followers and you know that I have been one for a long time. You have plenty to say and show and a lot of us are listening. Congratulations again.

  13. woohoo!

    fifty... well I immediately thought "Hawaii 5-0" lol. not sure why.

    Half a loonie?

    Doesn't our 50 dollar bill have lots of horses? or is it the famous 5 women?

    50 pass/fail (you pass of course!)

    : )

    happy 50(51 I see now) to you!

  14. Happy 50+ followers to you! I've been one of them for a while now. Turning 50 years old was one of the best birthdays I can remember. My sweet hubby and I really celebrated the entire year. I'm so happy we did because right after I turned 51 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I've been so busy fighting it that I haven't thought about how happy I used to be until this post. Thank you for letting me relive the great memories from that year.

  15. I enjoy your blog and have been following for a while. Hmmm...50..well I was born in the 50's and I am now in my 50's and happy and healthy so I like 50 very much!

  16. Congratulations!!
    50 followers is wonderful!

    SO what does 50 mean to me? humm... I dont know. Im turning 30 this year so I cant use my age to say im half way there...
    one 50 I remember was my grandparents 50th wedding anniversay. My grandmother didnt have a wedding cake at her wedding so she wanted one then. It was a fun filled evening with family!

    SO that is my 50- to reach 50 years with my hubby- 47 more to go!

  17. Congrats! It isn't all that easy to get new followers these days. Of course I am one of yours! As for is the age that I think I am, but that I've actually slipped past a few years and can't quite believe it!

  18. Well now you are up to 53. How exciting! Well 50 does not mean to much to me, LOL! I remember when my dad turned 50. We had a small party and did all the black things. He was a good sport about it. LOL Thank you for the give away.

  19. Congrats. I love those litttle baskets!

  20. Congratulations on 50 followers! I am happy to say that I am one of them.

    I used to think 50 was pretty old but of course that was when I was 10. Now that I'm getting pretty close to 50 it means opening up a door to a new life.


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