Friday, July 1, 2011


Happy Canada Day to everyone! Hope you have something fun planned!

I am so happy that Canada Post is not on strike anymore!! I missed getting mail....and that made me I went on line and ordered material!! Now that the mail is moving, my package arrived yesterday!!

And what a surprise!!
All the goodies that I had ordered were bundled up and so pretty....

But also in the box was ...
    a hand written Thank You note!!

And some little surprises!

What an amazing package! A bobbin case, some sewing machine needles,a fun nail file, a pair of scissors and a pack of really cute labels!!

Thank you sooo much Shawna!  What other store sends lots more than what you ordered ?? Gotta love it!  Go check out 1 choice 4 quilting.  They have great prices too, and reasonable shipping!! And fast!! (except for the strike!! haha)

mmmm just might have to go shopping again...It was so much fun!

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  1. I check 1Choice4Quilts regurarly but haven't ordered yet. Can't believe the little extras that they sent. HAPPY CANADA------144 years.


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