Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday finishes !

I love posting "Friday Finishes" about you?

Just in case you are wondering....I have not finished DayDream....maybe never will HaHa!

I have finished "Java" ...

The jelly roll was a Christmas gift from my 28 yr old son...yes he ventured into the quilt shop all by himself and picked it out!!! And when I was sewing this, my daughter kept saying how much she loved these  ....

 Happy Birthday Sweet K!!

Also finished is the Magic 4-patch. I have called it "Butterscotch Hug".

It is for a very special young woman. Lady A was my sons girlfriend for 6 years, and although it is not my position to question their decision to break up, I miss her, so wanted to give her a "hug" that would last forever... or at least a few years.


  1. Oh, these are gorgeous Flo. Love the rich colors of Java and the soft hugable Butterscotch. Super finishes!

  2. Wonderful finishes, Flo! I can see why your daughter loved the colors! You are so sweet to make a quilt for Lady A! Congrats on all the finishes!


  3. Flo what beautiful quilts. That is so sweet of you to give you son's girlfriend a special hug. And what a great memory.

  4. Java and Butterscotch, Beautiful Finishes! Both are stunning quilts, lovely fabrics.
    I hope you will finish your lovely DayDream quilt. That fabric collection was one of my favorites.

  5. both lovely quilts and what lucky ladies - I am sure they will both love them!

  6. Beautiful quilts Flo. I especially like butterscotch hug and the story that goes with it. By the way, I voted for your lovely baby quilt!

  7. "Java" is very lovely, but I simply adore "Butterscotch Hug". Is that fabric by Fig Tree? I love the soft colors they make and this looks like them. Sweet story about the girlfriend, too. We do seem to get mixed emotions regarding our children's ex's, don't we?

    I voted for your lovely "Hearts In A Box" quilt at the Quilt Gallery tonight. I entered one, also. My second's kind of fun and I'm trying to get up enough nerve to enter one in our County Fair next year.

  8. Awe! I miss both my x mom in laws! That is so sweet of you!

  9. Both quilts are so nice. Did you get the first one from just one Jelly Roll? The second is a very thoughtful gift. There have been a few girls in our sons lives that we wondered why it didn't work.

  10. They are both beautiful. I really love the colors in the second one. I think that is so sweet that you are giving her a "hug"!


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