Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How could I hate my favourite fabric??

Some of you may remember a fat quarter bundle of "Origins" by Moda that I have been saving.

I love these colors and just couldn't bear to cut it up!
But...one of my best friends has a daughter who just got married, and I thought to myself ...Self..isn't this a good reason to break into that special fabric??? And Self thought ..yes, yes it is!

So I cut it up. In my mind I thought large blocks of this would look like fields of flowers, or a meadow in spring time. ...

Boy was I wrong! I hated it...

I thought maybe some extra black sashing would help.....

but nope....still hated it!!

How could I hate this? I love those colors and I have been saving this for something special!! I thought about just putting it away and looking at again in a few weeks with fresh eyes, but then decided just to cut the blocks up into smaller pieces and see what happens!  Couldn't be any worse, I thought!

Then I started playing with the now little bits of fabric...and really wish that I had a design wall, because crawling around on the hardwood floor got old pretty quickly !!   : )

Anyway, I ended up with this...

...and now I think I love it again!

In fact my daughter asked how I could give it away, after all that. At first I thought that it would be nice to give something I loved so much...but then I got selfish!! I think I might have to keep this one!
mmmm Is that bad??
 Of course that meant back to the drawing board for the wedding gift, but not to worry, it is under control....but that is a story for another day! 


  1. Oh, love the second version so much better. Don't play with it any more.

  2. I think you got it now. I love the zig zags. Perfect!

  3. You got it,the last photo is absolutely beautiful!!

  4. I like how you stuck with the project instead of putting it in closet! I think that's a fun part of quilting-- the problem-solving and designing as you go.

  5. Yes. I agree. The last picture is beautiful. Not the first ones. Amazing how it needed smaller pieces :D

  6. I love the look of the second quilt!! So pretty. It is ok to love a quilt you make. It is also ok to have to make a different quilt, LOL!!

  7. This was a different line and a bit challenging in large pieces. I love what you've come up with!!
    Great job not giving up and making something you love!

  8. I really like both versions. It will be gorgeous! I always want to keep the ones I fall in love with too, but at the same time, I want the recipient to love what I give...such a dilemma! Happy quilting to you!

  9. Oh I HATE when that happens...when you save and save and save and then ugh it just isn't working? I too am not a fan of the first layout...but the zig zags? It looks great! Yay! Thank goodness for your persistence! Can't wait to see that one sewn together...

  10. woah! What a come back! That is terrific Flo!

  11. So glad that you were able to find an arrangement for your fabrics that you liked in the end and after all that work I think it is just fine that you decide to keep it. Looking forward to see what you end up making for the bride and groom.

  12. It is gorgeous. I have a quilt right now that I am working on. I did not like it all and thought about giving it away, then I found a pattern that worked better and now I am keeping it for myself.


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