Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday???

work in progress??  I think I worked myself out last week finishing the quilt for the wedding gift!
Not that I don't have a pile left to finish!!
1) Oasis (Origins)- basted and ready to quilt

2) Square Dance (Grand Finale)

3) Prairie Meadow (Origins...again)

4) Paris (Etchings)

5) Newfoundland Treasure

Not to mention the new fabric that I bought in Charlotte !!

But today is a baby shower gift sewing, not quilting but still sewing..
A hooded towel, see previous post for how I make these.

receiving blankets and a very cozy easy fleece blanket...


  1. You have a lot of lovely work in progress items there to keep you busy.

  2. Gosh - you look like a quilter. Think we all got those 'to do' piles with many committments. Love the baby set gift.

  3. Wow, so many beautiful quilts on the go! I couldn't decide which one is my favourite :)

  4. I get the flitting part! oye! I do like your style. Great stuff happening here!

  5. Lots of wonderful work in progress and great baby gifts.

  6. Mmmm great WIP's - looking forward to see what you finish next!

  7. Oh many projects. I love that fleece baby blanket, it is so cold and rainy here today that I'd like to curl up with it myself. The quilts all look beautiful...Prairie Meadow may be my favorite. I'm going to slowly try to catch up after a two week trip. I always think I will blog when I'm gone, but I can never stay awake when I'm finally back at the hotel!

  8. Well, I'd say that if you call it multitasking, avoid the word procrastination, and look at all that will be done! Eventually! It's all great though, I love the pattern you're using for the grand finale fabric, I love the whole 'box offset in a box' look. Great work :-)

  9. Oooooo, LOVE the Oasis! ...and the rest too for that matter.

  10. Wow! You've got a lot of wonderful projects on the go. I'm the same - nice to have just the right thing to work on when the mood moves you. Happy WIP Wednesday - I'm here from TN&TN.

  11. ghee flo you have as many projects on the go as I do. I keep some in a suitcase until ican get them quilted or decide to get them finished. I guess we will never get board hey. keep on stitching


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