Tuesday, October 11, 2011

workshop wonders

Well, I am home again, we had a great trip! Charlotte North Carolina is a beautiful City and everyone is sooo friendly and helpful.

Here is my group from the first day of workshop...

and the instructor Jenny with me...

and the view from the room we were working in...

Fabulous view, and bright and sunny!

This is my new Canadian friend that joined us for the second day of workshop...

Jenny brought some samples of her work to show ...and inspire us. Here are some pictures (with her permission). For more information on her work you can check out her website here.

Her landscapes are very interesting with lots of texture...

And then she does the fabric fantasy class...

This is all just folding and and she calls it "twiddling and fiddling"!

This is laying out my attempt at landscape..

As you can see ...I am not an artist, and have no imagination!! Also I travelled with a small ziplock bag of fabric, so was very limited in my choices for colour. That's my excuse...and I am sticking with it!!

And this is my fabric fantasy...

it is not finished yet, and has gotten a little squashed in my suitcase coming home, but I am pretty happy with it! There is a lot more detail added by tucking and tacking or I guess it would be twiddling and fiddling!!

All in all it was a lot of fun, and I met some wonderful people and learned some new techniques.


  1. LOVE the twiddling and fiddling on white! woo hoo!!

  2. Wow - looks like you had a ball and learned lots of great new techniques! Where is your husband's next work trip to? Hope it is somewhere equally quilty!

  3. Such fun to try new things! Good job.


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