Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saskatoon Quilt Show

Well, I have spent the good part of 2 days at the Saskatoon Quilt Show. The first day I was working most of the time, and pretty tired by the end of  the day, so went back again to attend a couple of the guest speakers etc.

Wow, what a lot of quilts... This is the entry  way to the show! These are all quilts that have been made by "Serendipity Quilters" to be donated to various causes....

Amazing !! What a lot of quilts!

Because I am trying to continue with my FMQ, I spent a lot of time closely examining the work of others. Many of the quilts have been quilted by professional long arm quilters. A lot of them by  Debora Barlow, a local long arm quilter. Her work is truly amazing...

I must admit, I get a bit overwhelmed when I see all her fabulous work!!

But I also took a close look at many of the quilts that were not professionally done. This may sound mean, but  it gave me a bit more confidence to see that they were not all perfect! One of the speakers stated that she uses a "10 foot" rule....if it looks OK from 10 feet, you are doing all right!! So I think I might apply a similar rule to my quilting!!

One the quilts I studied was entered by a friend from our quilt guild, Cathy. Her quilt was called Bargello Waves...

I have never tried one of these, but I loved her FMQ pattern, it looked like something I could practice... and with her permission took several pictures so that I can study and maybe learn to reproduce this.....

Her quilting is so even and steady !! Maybe someday when I grow up I will be able to quilt like that : )


  1. oh I love that 10' foot - just perfect!

  2. Awesome! I just posted too. I can't believe it's over!! :(


  3. Wow, thanks for sharing. Looks like it would have been a great time!

  4. Hi Flo, wasn't it a great show? it was nice to see you in passing....


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