Monday, October 24, 2011

Inspired !!

I am inspired !!

After seeing all the beautiful quilts at our quilt show on the weekend, I feel the need to get some of my projects finished! I have made myself a promise (again !!!) not to buy any new fabric ....unless it is for borders or backing.....until I get at least 3 of these finished !!  Really !!!

.......but that wasn't counting Saturday, because I had a 40% off coupon from the quilt show for our local store Periwinkle, that was only valid during the quilt show!! Had to use that up !!

OK, though, ......NOW ...I will not buy anything else until I get 3 finished...promise!!
So lets get quilting !!


  1. Well, I have pledged to not buy until March 2012 - way too much fabric here and I have backing. I have 3 quilts piled up waiting too - just need my SIL to finish up her project so I can get them out.

  2. You know Flo, I feel just the same. i think I need to take turns with old and new projects--finish one, start one, and so on, because otherwise I can start 2 or 3 a day!! :)
    (I confess I started a round quilt yesterday with my new ruler)

  3. Good luck keeping your promise Flo - it is not always easy but it will be great to see some of those quilt finished!

  4. Nothing like a quilt show to inspire you. I can't put my quilt promises in ink--------change my mind too often, best if I write them in sand.


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