Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baby day

My daughter asked if I could make something for a friend of theirs who is having a baby girl this week pressure ...LOL!  Although I don't have all my Christmas sewing finished yet, it was a nice break...and I cheated and made something very simple!! of my baby bath towels... for more information on these you can check back here.

These are quick and easy..but messy...there is little terry towel fluff all over my sewing room now !!

And then a little quilt...kind of quick and dirty,  made from a no piecing(cheating)!
I think this might be a border panel,not sure.... but I liked the colours and just used 2 full repeats...

When it came time to baste it though...I realized that all my pins are in the 2 large quilts that I have ready and waiting to FMQ...and they have been there for awhile!

I could have gone out to the store for more pins but I didn't ..for 2 reasons.  First of all, I keep only enough for 2 quilts for a that I HAVE TO get the FMQ done!!!
And secondly, I had already driven to the fabric store once, and didn't want to go out in the cold again!!
Sooooo.....I used straight pins....

I have never done this before...and probably won't again! But it worked out OK, especially because this was a small quilt. I tried to be sure to tuck the pointy bit into the batting as much as I could.

I did the FMQ very simply..just loops and little remember I am a beginner at FMQ so some of the loops aren't very loopy, and some hearts are a little lopsided..but I consider it all practice. Also after a washing it all crinkles up...and that hides a lot of mistakes :)

I used flannel on the back...nice and cozy...

and didn't have any fabric for the binding so used left over flannel. I have never used flannel for binding before...nor heard of anyone else using this a bad plan???
To late...already done!!

And talk about doing it quickly I sewed the binding onto the back of the quilt pressed it to the front and then zigzagged (is that a real word???) it in place. Like I said quick and dirty! But it is a done deal and delivered!!


  1. Very nice baby quilt. I predict mom will love and use this soft, cuddly, SWEET little quilt every day.

  2. that is SO sweet. do you FMQ on your domestic or long arm?

  3. How fun, I like the flannel binding (my daughter uses it) and the way you applied it, it will hold up for longer than the baby will tire it out. Very cute and love the quilting on it.

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  5. It might have been quick but it is still really cute and I bet it is really soft and cuddly and that is the point after all! Lovely job Flo!

  6. lucky new Mama and Baby. Very sweet and I inspired to get going on little Liam's quilt - he is 4 weeks old. Time to get to it!


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