Sunday, December 11, 2011


I need to get my Christmas sewing finished !!

And I need to get my tree up !!
And I need to relax and enjoy the Christmas season!!
And I need to remind everyone that you can enter my Blog Hop Giveaway here.

Final reminder....PLEASE be sure that you have your contact information in your comment if you are a no-reply blogger. There are several people who I have been unable to respond to, so you will not be able to win if I can't reach you !! 


  1. I am all done!! Yipee!
    Hey Flo - great about the giveaway! look - you are about to break 100 there! Woohoo! That rocks!


  2. I'm with you, so many things to do.....your drink looks yummy!

  3. I Give UP! Last night decided they can just get this quilt NEXT year -- they will still love it. And Walmart had a good price on the GPS I know they want. So I ordered it and poured the wine!


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