Monday, December 5, 2011

Showing off

While I have been busy sewing my DH has been busy in the workshop. He has taken up woodworking as a hobby, and has made some very nice things already.  What he has just finished (well almost finished)  for me is this little quilt rack....

I saw one for sale in the local quilt shop and thought it would be  a great idea so dragged him in to take a look asked him to check it out to see if he could make something like it....and he can!!

I love it. It is not completely finished yet, still needs some staining but I couldn't wait to try it out!!
It is perfect!! He designed the sides himself!! I like how it has a kind of modern look to the lines of the frame.

For the moment, it is going to safely keep my unfinished "Arizona" hanging till I return..


  1. vry nice quilt stand....isn't it nice when they take an interest in what you husband has cut fabric and pieced a couple of quilt tops for me(way back)
    But I enjoy the fact that he likes what I do...and understands a lot of what I am talking

  2. Very neat design for the quilt rack. Tell him great job! My husband did a tall free standing ladder type for me.....don't you love that they can make us neat things to use!

  3. What a nice stand - your husband must be very clever.

  4. How great for you that he could make what you wanted. I like how this stand can hold multiple quilts. Obviously, you have many to hang!

  5. Very nice and such a talented hubby. Be sure to show us when it is stained.

  6. He has done a wonderful job. My dad used to do woodwork and I miss his handy hands! How much longer do you have in AZ?


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