Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dating Dilemma

I have a Dating Dilemma...

Hehehehe.....No, nothing has happened to my DH and I am not going to start dating again.....I have a dilemma with the date to put on the quilt labels!!

Some of my projects get the top finished, but not quilted, some get cut out, but not sewn together...others get sewn and basted but not quilted.  The combinations of my unfinished projects might be endless!!
But I do want to put a date on the label when I finish them.  In the beginning - last year- it really wasn't a problem, because I finished my early works and labelled them, but now I seem to be getting behind in finishes!!
So what date should I put on the quilt label??? The date the top was finished??? The date the quilting and binding is all done?? I am thinking that I should use the date that it is actually completely finished...what do you think?

.....unless it is a baby quilt that has no particular baby in mind when I make it...then maybe I should date that when I actually have a baby gift needed to give it to!!???


  1. You are going to get a lot of different answers as everyone has their own way. I like to just date the finish. If for a special gift - just the personal info with gift date. For baby quilts 'holding' - wait for the gifting and specialize the info.

  2. I print my labels off of the computer and sew them into the backing, so mine include the month and year that I print out the label to sew into the backing. I just finished the binding on one that was labeled June 2011. :)


  3. I'm not one to give advice because I don't even label mine anymore, but when I did, it was always the total finish date. I do like the idea of waiting for the "gift" quilts, though! Merry Christmas!

  4. I use the completed date. Just finished two for sil and his brother that their mother started in the 90's, I think judging by the fabrics.

  5. I don´t label but want do it next year so I think when you finish,because it`s the last step

  6. to cover everything you could put the start year and the finishing year that way years from now if anyone wanted to date fabrics they would have an idea where to start. I to have this problem I have a few quilts in my quilt suit case waiting to be quilted and some have hung out there for some time now .... not even sure of the start dates


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