Sunday, February 6, 2011

Always a snag!

I was so proud of myself for actually attempting the free motion quilting, that I foolishly thought all was good!
Well, it didn't take long to burst my bubble!
Squaring up the Strata started off well.... then.....

Oh, no !! How could that happen? A big gap !! And it was too wide to hide with the binding!!  I am always careful (well, sort of careful) with my 1/4 inch seams and making sure seams are matched up. How could I have done this????
Well, fortunately I had a few scraps left over, so I just added a little strip!  : )

and once it was turned over, it fit right into the Strata effect !!

Just trimmed it up and moved on !

Now the binding :(

Now I know why I never actually finish anything.....all these details are a lot of work   LOL !!!
The binding actually went on very well. I can see that with a little more practice this gets easier! The corners were perfect too!!

Only problem is that it is just a bit wavy in a couple of places.

This wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't a wall hanging, I guess.
I was very careful  that it was square, and not to stretch anything as I was pinning on the binding, so not quite sure why this happened??? I will try pressing it and see if that helps.

Now I have to go back and read Monika's tutorial on making a hanging sleeve.

But in the meantime, I dug these out of the drawer....

The local quilt shop here closed last year, and they had all these 1 yard packs on sale, so I picked a few up. What to do with then.....mmmm.....not sure yet. I think I need to sit down with some of my quilt magazines and look for some inspiration! .......after I finish the hanging sleeve!!


  1. :-) nice! I had a quilt ripple a bit, and a quilter told me her trick: stick a loop of masking tape behind the ripple when you hang it. SMART! i did that with my exhibit. Worked like a charm.

  2. You probably got the ripple when the quilting on the many outseamed blocks probably stretched your seams. Next time if you have a piece that has a lot of outer seams - run a basting stitch 1/8" around outer edge to stabalize your piece. I think you did very well, and great fix on the little 'oops'. I just love the color palette of your new venture.

  3. Certainly looks perfect to me. You talk about quilting that big thing the way I whip up a batch of cookies. I almost feel like you are speaking a foreign language, but I really do love seeing all these beautiful creations you make. As you can imagine...I don't see much fabric around my house:)


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