Sunday, February 27, 2011

Did I say that???

Did I once say that I was going to finish up the projects that are lying around before I started something new? ......well I lied!
 I started something new! But it is one of those fuzzy flannel quilts....and that is not the same as quilting a pieced quilt...Really !!? That's what I told myself anyway.
These colors are so pretty....

And I love how cozy and warm these are....especially when it is going down to minus 39C this week!!
They go together so quickly too...such a feeling of accomplishment!


  1. These go together so fast, you'll be on to something else in no time at all! I have made several of these quilts using denim and flannel and they are always a big hit!


  2. Be sure and let us see the quilt when it finished-------the flannel quilts just keep getting better the more they are washed.

  3. Sounds familiar. There are just too many great ideas out there to just stick to one!


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