Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Did you say gloves?

Well, I am almost ready to try my free motion skills out again (or lack of !!)
Monika said to wear her latest Tips for I went in search of gloves. I went to 2 different quilting stores, and wouldn't you know it, they were both sold out!!!

But the nice lady said she just goes to the hardware store and buys garden off I went to the hardware store.  The only ones that were small enough were kids gloves....

What do you think??  Do I look like a quilter now???  I guess I will try them goes !!!


  1. These will work great! I can't quilt without mine! I've used non-quilter gloves that had sticky black dots all over them, but now I have the "official" quilter's gloves. Either one gets the job done. But I have the opposite problem...I have to get size large! Next, you'll need to get the SewSlip surface (!


  2. Those will totally work! Some women even have a favorite hand cream that makes their fingers grippy enough. Whatever works! You actually did that wallhanging without grips hey? Wow. Let us know what you think! Some people hate gloves. (not me)

  3. The new quilt looks wonderful on the wall and I love the colors in the current project. are going to sew with gloves on??? Well that is a new one to me!


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