Friday, February 25, 2011

feeling giddy!

I finished the quilt...and named it "Inspiration" ..because that is exactly what it is for me!
The hand stitching really finished it nicely...then into the washer and dryer...

and Voila! Done!!

I am feeling a bit giddy about actually having this finished and happy with the way it turned out.
Now what???? OK, I still have a few things left to finish.....back to the sewing room !!


  1. Fantastic name! Isn't it a good feeling? Congratulations.

  2. you know you are meant to be a blogger when... You feel the need to photograph EVERYTHING, including the wash. hehe That's awesome! Congrats!!

  3. I love how a quilt looks and feels after it's been washed and dried! So comforting! You did a great job on the quilt!


  4. When I finish a quilt and put it in the washer, I always have to say a little prayer that it will come out the way I hope. They always do, a washed quilt makes it a QUILT. Yours is beautiful, now on to your next Inspiration.

  5. I'm not sure there's any better feeling in the quilting world than getting a quilt through that first wash and dry cycle! Congratulations on a great finish!

  6. You are right, it is a great feeling.....and kind of silly with the dryer picture LOL, guess I feel a bit like an overprotective mother !! Glad to see you all share my enthusiasm!

  7. "Inspiration", very good name! Don't you just love taking a quilt out of the dryer, all nice, warm, soft and crinkled.


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