Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ta Da !! Yippee!!

There it is .....hanging on the wall (Thanks Monika!)  Looks great in the sewing room, and makes me smile when I go in there!

So I started thinking about what to do next.....so took a look through some of my magazines and also my saved file of favorite pictures off the internet.  I decided that I wanted to do something simple because the love the look of the modern quilt with box within a box.
So I tried to sketch/think/figure but got myself overwhelmed with all the options!  2" strips? or maybe one should be 1.5" and the other 2.5"? How about a wide 3" with a narrow 1.5"????

Finally I just cut a bunch of 2" and 3" strips and started sewing!! I had so much fun, I didn't really care if I needed to have a bigger plan in mind.

I know that is not always a good idea, but I have quite a bit of fabric that is all coordinated, so will be able to work with it, and plan as I go.

I finished about 10 blocks....they turned out 12" blocks, so I will keep going and see what happens!!


  1. OMG
    I have the same calculator in my sewing room.
    And that looks like my quilt except the centres are charms. That's exactly what I envisioned when you posted your fabric the other day! lol


  2. LOL I got the calculator here in Phoenix for $1 !! (at Target....yes they are coming to Saskatoon)
    Nope not home yet, still enjoying the sun, will be back into the snow country next week!

  3. Absolutely love your wallhanging! Way to go with the impromptu sewing - when you over think/ over stress, it never is a fun project. You must have been enjoying your sewing this way as you completed a lot of blocks. Very pretty fabrics - this is going to be very sweet.


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