Sunday, November 6, 2011


I have been busy making more of my favourite tote bags...

I know I have posted about these before, but they are such great bags! I use mine all the time. I thought that they would make great gifts for lots of people, so kind of did a whole batch of them. The pattern was from an old quilting magazine, (Izzy & Ivy Design). 

They start out with 15"x22" pieces, and the bag ends up about 11"x14" ...perfect size! There are pockets inside too, which are very handy. 

I use home decor fabric for the outside, and buckram for the interfacing. That makes them very stiff, so the bag actually will stay standing up by itself.

Great for throwing in everything that you need to carry. (p.s. dont try an open can of coke....bad plan....ask me how I know !)


  1. very nice I on your Christmas list by any

  2. These are awesome bags I can think of a hundred diffeent uses for them.

  3. GRRREAT bags - What do I need to do to get on your Christmas list?

  4. May I purchase one from you? for real? please? I can supply the fabric if you don't have extra...

    who needs a bag.


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