Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday finish....for the desert!

I really haven't felt very motivated since we arrived in Phoenix, so haven't done very much at all here except golf, and relax.

........ golfbag

But I did manage to get the binding on this little quilt that I started here last winter.

It was the very first quilt that I tried FMQ, so lots and lots of mistakes (dont look too closely !)

But I do really like it, and it is going to live here in the condo in Phoenix, as a throw on the couch, so just for us to curl up with on those cool desert nights!!

I like the touch of red in the binding, it really shows off the reds.

My favourite quilt store here Quiltz is having a big sale this small Saturday... so I think I might have to go check that out.  And just for the record....I DID finish 3 quilts before I went shopping for more fabric.....not the three I had planned, but this one counts..right


  1. Very, very nice.
    Sounds like you're having a great time.
    Here in Saskatoon it is 4 degrees and melting.
    Happy Friday.

  2. I think I said those very same words to my husband about buying more fabric, "honey I finished 6 projects this week, I am just trying to stay busy" It didn't really work, did it work for you? It's 70 F here in Texas today!

  3. enjoy your shopping and love the finsihed quilt - pretty colours and just right to snuggle under. Say hi to the desert for me - love it!

  4. Beautiful quilt - am loving the pattern you used

  5. That red quilt is wonderful. And welcome to Phoenix! That's where my daughter lives, and I like to visit her all the time (except August). It's always fun to go fabric shopping (I did a little of that in NYC) so I hope you had a good time.

    Elizabeth E.

  6. I do love the fabic's you used in this is just lovely.

  7. I love the beautiful simplicity of this quilt! Awesome finish! I'm sure you'll enjoy it lots!

  8. I love this quilt ... red is my favorite color and this mixture is perfect! You did a great job on it!


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