Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Border time

Well it is Work in Progress Wednesday, and I am still on my quest to get more of my projects into the "finished" pile!!

So it is time to add the borders and baste them..
I think I have made decisions about what I want to use...


"Prairie Meadow"

and "Chocolate Cherries"..

If I get all these done..I will be one ahead of my promise (to finish 3 quilts in progress) so that should count as a bonus...maybe a trip to the fabric store????

But first I am going to check in Work in Progress, at Freshly Pieced

and also The Needle and Thread Network.

ts always great to catch up on what is going on with everybody else!!


  1. Ooooo Prairie Meadow will look stunning! You are so good at picking them!!

  2. Chocolate covered cherries looks so beautiful, and I love Paris, too.

  3. Paris is such a lovely colour combo.

  4. Oh Flo.....I love all of them..beautiful fabrics

  5. looking good ..... and even chocolates with out calories mmmm sew good indeed
    just what we need after Halloween

  6. I like your border choices - particularly the Prairie meadow

  7. well, it won't be long until it's time to quilt them, and so it will be interesting to see what sort of quilting pattern you come up with, m


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