Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday finishes

There is a fun linky party celebrate finishes!! Check it out!

For a while I thought that this would be my only "finish" this week!! (left over scraps of "Origins")

But then this one just squeaked in !!

It seemed like it took forever to do the quilting!! I think that I am stitching more densely now, hence....more time...more thread!!  Also, I miscalculated the binding and was about a foot short (again!!) so had to go find the scraps and cut some more! You think I would learn to measure twice ?????

The fabric is  a jelly roll of "Comfort" by Moda, the wide border and binding is Arnold's Attic Heart Leaf.
It is one of those jelly roll racers, (thank you Sharon!) instructions here if you haven't seen these before. They are very quick to put together, and I like the simple lines. I always add a border or two, but I love borders, you don't have to have one.

 For backing I used "Molly's Meadow" Scrap Basket Collection (Henry Glass)

I went back to my old standby of echoed teardrops (I am sure there is a proper name for this ???)
but tried to get a bit creative on the is my sketch of what I planned (I saw this somewhere and tried to draw it)

It is not very even, but I was getting better by the end. If this quilt had 6 sides, I'd be doing great by now!! : )

Anyway, this is just for us to use at the cabin...can't you just see us curled up in front of the fire reading a book?? Dont forget that it will soon be minus 40 C. and 4 feet of snow!!

Speaking of reading...this is very funny, I can't stop giggling....The Bloggess.
She is talking about towels.....but I think it would easily apply to fabric LOL!!


  1. Flo, both your finishes are fabulous! I love that jelly roll quilt -- I'm going to have to try that. It is perfect for cosying up by the fire. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  2. Wonderful use of your scraps - love these baskets! Your JR guilt came out beautiful - great fabric blends for a complete look. Oh, wow, great job on the border quilting! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Flo

    I'm so impressed with your free motion quilting! You are doing so well. I'm still terrified if I try.

  4. great little basket - I must make a few of those - and I love the quilt. Your quilting is coming along so well and you are whipping through those UFO's now - yippee! Let me know when you finish yours as I have a few you could help with !

  5. What a pretty cabin quilt :D Ha!! I know just what you meant on "if there were just 6 sides" . . .

  6. I LOVE the basket, now I am trying to figure out how you did I look forward to seeing more of your crafty creations!

  7. Nice finishes! And the free motion quilting looks fabulous to me (who can only do straight lines)

  8. That is just gorgeous! Both are. :) thanks for joining in!

  9. A productive week Flo, I have been tempted to try the jelly roll quilt. Yours will be perfect at the cabin to keep you nice and warm in front of the fireplace.

  10. Love you jelly roll quilt!!
    Cute chicken story in the blog link :D

  11. I love the basket. I am going to try that one of these days!
    And the quilt is fabulous too.

  12. I just love that strip quilt. I made one in solids and it looks plain stupid. lol Pretty picture with the leaves too! Now we have snow!


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