Tuesday, November 29, 2011

When in doubt ...make them both!

Well, I am still being quite lazy, relaxing down here in Arizona. Enjoying the sun !!
I couldn't decide which magazine quilt pattern I liked.....so I decided to make them both!

Of course that meant another run back to the quilt store to pick up a few extra bits!! Only problem was the big 30% off sale ended on the weekend, so no big savings for this bit :( ...but of course it is still a bargain compared to prices in Canada !!

So I did spend some time cutting, and hopefully will get some sewing done today.. but first we are going out golfing !


  1. Great color choices! Have fun deciding and planning; it can be frustrating sometimes, but it's so fun when you get started, aye?

  2. well there you go now!!! new fabric...have fun!!!

  3. Well that will all keep you pretty busy!! Have fun.

  4. cant wait to see what you are doing!


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