Tuesday, April 10, 2012

avioding is my best skill !!

I know you have been seeing this quilt here for a long, long, long time!!

I called it Square Dance. It is a Moda Bake shop pattern you can find here.  It has been finished and basted for a long, long, long time!

So I asked myself why it is still sitting there....and myself answered that I have been avoiding starting the quilting on it in case I hate it!  (at least I was honest with myself ..hehe) You see, I plan to do straight line quilting on this one, and as backwards as it may sound, I have never tried that before! So what if I start it that way, and then hate how it looks, or even worse hate doing the boring straight lines???

I have a walking foot, even have a 1/4 " walking foot for this machine. I am thinking of stitching about 1/4" inside each seam line. I am not sure if I can/should run straight across the whole quilt along the seam line, or should I stay inside each square?? That would mean a whole lot of starting and stopping wouldn't it?? See ...this is why I haven't started...too many decisions to make!!


  1. You can always mix it up with sections of straight with sections of fmq done on the diagonal.
    I have found from passed quilting straight lines to alternate the direction sew not to stretch the quilt and to help avoid puckes. And even if you are not crazy about your quilt some one will love it and you can always use a car quilt, for picnics etc.I think it looks fun.
    in stitches

  2. Do an image search of quilting on squared block quilts. You don't have to stick to straight lines. I've seen arches,(Sue D. did one with the Babtist Fan), circles, random boxes, etc....

  3. Lovely quilt looking forward to seeing what you choose :)

  4. When I saw your quilt I though it would look nice quilted with straight diagonal lines. That's how I quilted my last quilt, Pom Pom de Paris. Used blue painters tape to guide my sewing lines. Walking foot on my domestic sewing machine. You said something about twisting and turning. There is no twisting and turning with this particular pattern/style of quilting. My quilt is lovely. Just a suggestion.

  5. yes, those decisions often keep me from quilting a top, too, often tho there comes a point where it might as well be done and then i go back to cross-hatching thro the central area and a heart of flower free motion around the outside border or blocks... I have been contemplating doing that particular patter for awhile now, very scrappy in my case.


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