Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Scrap box ..boxes!

I guess I can call myself a true quilter now...I have a box / boxes overflowing with scraps!!!
I thought I would try to get them a bit more organized...Ha!!
So I dumped out the first box...yes, I did say first box..I seem to have several of them.

I had started putting scraps from a project into ziplock bags, but not sure that helps, so I started cutting them up into usable pieces...or maybe not so usable....

I also found a little 2 -1/2 " square ruler, which really helps when checking the size of little bits.

I love the look of the "Granny Square" quilt ..check out the tutorial over at Blue Elephant Stitches, and thought that I would get a start on squares for one of these. I also like the look and idea of string blocks, and someday also want to make a "crumb" quilt!!

So, I  found some plastic shoe boxes on sale...so I started sorting and cutting. I have 5" squares, 2-1/2 " squares, strips/strings, and crumbs.

I am thinking that if I cut up my scraps and sort them as I go, it won't be such a big job later. Sounds good ..doesn't it!!  Well, it is a start anyway!!


  1. Great idea! I'm trying to do some of that, too.

  2. Great idea! I'm trying to do some of that, too.

  3. Great idea! I'm trying to do some of that, too.

  4. great Idea. I have been trying to do that after each project...but I am just using ziplock bags...lol

  5. This is how I handle my project left overs - or those donated to me. Do them right after you are done with the main project, not so overwhelming. Boxes - HA - I have three 32 gallon totes brimming (donated) that need sorting - but SIL is into making potholders - so we are going thru these to use it up!!

  6. your doing such a great job organizing those scraps......... wanna come over and play with mine ;)
    in stitches

  7. I did that same thing the other day. My scraps were so messy! Luckily they could all be cut down for separate projects! =D

  8. It is a very good idea!! My husband did that for me a few years back...he cut squares....dresdens..strips..etc. It was great when I wanted them...now I need that done again, but I don't want to do it...lol.
    thanks for your very nice commment. I can't wait to get this fabric....maybe the cleaning will be done by then;and I can actually sew again!!!

  9. Take it from a quilter who kept scraps for twenty years - yes 20 years - before she started to seriously use them - sort your scraps as you go. Either make small projects to use them up or cut into various size squares and strips and store accordingly. You will be surprised how useful those sorted scraps will be!

  10. Tubs of scraps? Well, I have stacks of dishes...I guess we all have our vices!


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