Sunday, January 23, 2011

I really can finish something !!

Well the I Spy quilt is finished....and even before the actual birthday !!
I got the binding on, no problem...well, maybe a couple of little problems, but did OK.

For the back I used Dinosaurs! She loves dinosaurs right now, and it is flannel so really cozy too.

It is bright and pretty! My 25 year old daughter and her husband were over the other night and they had a lot of fun playing with it...I think they want one too !! HaHa!

OK, now I really am going to try to finish some of the other projects. I know that I will be tempted and find it  easier to start something new because now I am going to try my hand at free motion quilting ....and that is kind of scary! But here goes !! (maybe)


  1. Adorable! So bright and cheerful! Love the dinosaurs! Great job!


  2. It is just gorgeous! Well done! Love ht dinosars. Good luck with the free motion quilting!

  3. Woo NICE! Nice binding by the way!! : ) Yay for you!!

  4. Thank you ! I am happy.....and happy to have actually got something finished!
    Of course if I had read Monika's binding tutorial first...I would not have ended up with a binding seam at a corner..ooops. Oh well, it worked out ok.

  5. Hi

    very nice quilts. I love the i spys. Love the dinosaur back.

  6. Hello! I like your blog, Flo. Nice banner! quilts! and projects! I'm trying to learn how to free motion quilt with a domestic sewing machine. It's a learning curve, but I'm having fun. Good luck with school : ) Keep us posted. Sheila

  7. I'm sure my 26-year-old daughter would love this too! They never really grow up, do they? It turned out beautifully!


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