Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Is this really progress??

I know this is "Work in Progress" Wed ......

and if you want to see some exciting work in progress check out Lee's blog at Freshly Pieced or lots of other blogs......not this blog though!! : (

I dont really feel like I am making any progress this week! I have been working pretty steadily on revisions to my journal article for publication, and apart from feeling a little cross-eyed  and also having  reached the point that I really dont think that I know what I am talking about anyway..... why am I doing this again ????... I am not feeling very productive.

Of course I do spend a bit of time browsing around in blogland, seeing what everybody else is creating !  And there is some really fun stuff going on other people's sewing rooms......just not mine.

I did take a little break to cut into my "sunshine" fabric - it is Moda Dream On and is so bright and cheery that I thought it would cheer me up !  But of course, even though I am reasonably intelligent...I cant seem to count to 10 !!!  I was planning on 10 " blocks and cut the inner white blocks the wrong size ! YIKES!

 Oh well, at least I cut them too big and not too small, so I will just end up with a few more little bits for my scrap bin. Obviously math is not my strong suit ! And top it all off it is minus 25 C. (about 10 below F.)here and a blizzard is moving in !!  I wonder if hibernation is an option ??

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  1. Dream On is dreamy. : ) I love it. Especially right now, we have to have some cheerful fabric during these gray winter days!

    Did you remember to link up at my blog? I don't see your link, and that's how you'll get your comments! The linky is open through tomorrow, so come link up.

    Happy WIP Wednesday, see you next time!


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