Monday, January 17, 2011

Totally distracted !

I vaguely remembering saying early in January that I was determined to finish a few of the quilt tops and other projects that have been lying around my sewing room ...before I started anything new!
But then my son gave me a Jelly Roll for Christmas, so I really had to start with that....

.........and then I got distracted by all the summery colors of the Dream On Layer Cake that I had, especially because it has been cold and snowy here, and the fabric was so bright and cheery.....

But...before I actually finished either one of these, let alone any of the others......I decided this weekend to make an "I Spy" quilt for our grand-daughter who is turning 2 years old. I have never made one of these, but have seen pictures. So off I went, digging through all my fabric, and buying a bit of extra cartoon like pieces!  I decided to go with a very simple 4 patch square. I used 4 1/2 inch squares....for a very scientific reason.....I happened to have a 4 1/2 inch square ruler, which made the fussy cutting very easy.

I drew around the pictures that I wanted with a marker, and then cut them out.

I decided that it needed some solid borders....mostly to give the eye a rest from all the busy patterns, and also just to make it bright and colorful (and I love bright and colorful !!)

Then it was a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, matching up different blocks, and different borders. It is all pretty random, and there are so many colors but I think it will be OK.
I hope to be able to post the FINISHED product soon !! LOL


  1. There you go...flittin' like a butterfly, sewing like a ....quilting bee!


  2. LOL I totally understand the feeling! So many things to do and get distracted by!

  3. Too funny....but I do love your distractions!!

  4. Oh, she will love this! You can never have too much color or pattern for a two-year-old!

  5. Nevermind saying you can never have too much colour for a two year old - that goes for me too! Young at heart I must be! I love your quilts and the I Spy is going to be fabulous! Happy stitching!


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