Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Spy Progress

I am making progress on this little I Spy Quilt. Maybe it will even be a "finish" for me !!
I laid out all the blocks and shuffled them up a bit. I tried to both scatter the color as well as not have 2 "Pooh's" etc together. Then I stacked up the rows, and even numbered them to try to keep them organized.

But needless to say when I got it sewn together.....there they were...2 Sesame Street blocks side by side!! Oh well, she is only 2 years old, so wont notice!  And maybe that can be part of the game....to find the mistake !  HaHa!

It is about 40" x 50" I still have to add the binding.....good thing that Monika over at  My Sweet Prairie has binding as her topic for her Tips for Tuesdays!  Thank you Monika!!

This is my favourite block....

Or maybe this one???  I love that little turtle and octopus!! I brought them home from Maui :)

Well, I had better get moving and get working!  I could have finished it instead of talking about it !!

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  1. I love seeing the close up shots...so cute and so educational!


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