Monday, January 3, 2011

Need some thicker skin ??

Well the New Year is starting off cold this year. It has been a lot colder other years I am sure, but I think that I am not tolerating the cold as well as I used to!!! Perhaps I am in hibernation is hard to convince myself to go outside when it is warm and cozy in my sewing room. LOL

I am making  progress on some things...others not so much. I spent today doing revisions for a journal article that was submitted for publication. The journal editors tells me they are very interested .....but I need to do significant revisions. ! I think some of their comments are irrelevant!...... there I said that ! My advisor tells me that you need very thick skin when doing this. Guess I had better go put on a thicker sweater or something. Maybe that is why I am not tolerating the skin is not thick enough???  Anybody else have the publication blues ???

Ok I am finished whining now!  I did go out today and buy some material for the borders and backing for my "Java" quilt(imaginatively named for the Cup-0-Joe line of fabric from Moda)

That gives me something exciting to think about !


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