Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's cactus time!

We are spending a couple of weeks down in Phoenix, Arizona (actually in Fountain Hills). So we have gone from this......

to this.....

It sure is a nice break!  (no that is not our place.. we have a condo!)
I do have a sewing machine down here too, so I feel right at home. I must admit though, I have not yet had any time to sew!  We have been enjoying the nice weather here, lots of walking, golfing and visiting!
But....I did make it to the quilt store here.  I have promised myself that I am not going to start anything new until I get some things finished.....but that doesn't mean I cant buy the material, right??? The prices are so reasonable here compared to Canada, and they had a whole table on sale for $4.99/yard!  How could I not buy some??

I bought some backing for a couple of quilts that I have started at home (that really isn't buying something it?)

I also bought some  material to make a quilt for my son. I will be taking this home to start later  :)
Not exactly sure what I am going to do, but have a couple of ideas..we will see what it ends to be later!

Then...I fell in love with these soft pinks! So I had to get some. I think I will try a Dresden Plate. I have seen so many of those on other blogs lately and love them. I picked up a "Dresden Plate Express" ruler....hope that helps ???!!! But that wont get started for awhile either. ...promise !


  1. Oh I love that medium blue! By the way, me & the kids walked to the corner store today, and i noticed there are 2 foot long icicles hanging off the back of your roof! HUGE! lol It's above zero and everything is melting. One big slushy mess. : ) Let's sew together when you get back!?

  2. All great fabrics. The soft pinks are fantastic, and I'm not a pink person but I could play with those. We went above zero for a change, but it brought more snow. Enjoy your cactus.

  3. Very nice fabric choices, love the blues!
    I like to visit the western states, too. Wow : ) The landscape is so different when you compared it to the mountains of NC.

  4. I'm not usually a "pink person" but I love those fabrics. We have good friends who own a townhouse in Fountain Hills, but they built a new home a few years ago in Prescott. They rent out the Fountain Hills place now I think. I envy you the warm weather-*sigh*


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