Friday, November 2, 2012

Change of Plans Friday

Today is Friday.
Today my baby girl is convocating from University in Calgary.
Today (and last night) all flights out of Saskatoon are cancelled due to a huge ice/rain storm that have left the streets and runways like a big sheet of ice. Travel on highways is not recommended and the planes wont land here, so I can't get to Calgary. I am so disappointed.

She totally understands, and would rather that we be safe than try to travel, but I feel bad that she is alone out there for her convocation. Oh well, not much I can do about it! ....maybe send her some flowers?? I have offered to take her out for a fancy dinner when we are in Calgary next week too.

So if I am stuck at home...and really don't even want to go out here...I might as well play!!

and I have the next Surprise Block from Periwinkle...
......another session of trying to follow instructions!! I think it is good for me make myself more disciplined..right? Besides, the blocks are really cool!

And I can spend some time browsing all the entries in the Bloggers Quilt Festival! 
Nominations are now open. Wow, that is a big job..there are so many great quilts there, and so many categories.. (my entry is # 128....just in case you were wondering! hehe..I entered it as a bed quilt, a scrap quilt and home machine quilted)
So if you want to find the nomination form it is here. Have fun...this could take awhile!


  1. Ice is not friendly, so home time is good time. Enjoy your playing, there will be other opportunities.

  2. Best to stay home Flo...I know it's disappointing though. havd fun with that gorgeous fabric! I have looked at a few of the quilt soul; there are so very many to get to yet! Yours is lovely.

  3. best to stay home when it is ice! you will see her next week - have fun with your fabric.

  4. Aw, Flo! How disappointing for all of you. Your daughter is very wise to consider your safety first, and of course, you know she is right. You raised her after all! I was out on the slippery streets this morning, and am happy to be home and looking at the beauty that is fresh snow from inside! Enjoy your sewing day!

  5. How disappointing for you but I'm sure you will make up for it when you do get to see her. She would rather have you safe than get hurt.
    Jumped over to the contest and love your quilt! Good luck!!

  6. Hi Flo, it was nice to see you today, but I would rather you had been in Calgary! It is really too bad that the weather wasn't conducive to travelling earlier so you could have been present at your daughter's convocation. Congrats to her on her achievement. You must be very proud of her! m

  7. Glad you didn't let the change of plans get you down and that you had fun sewing!


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