Monday, November 12, 2012

left overs.. to a mug rug!

I had some bits leftover from my 3-dudes quilt, so just played with very first "mug-rug"!!

and soooo easy!!  And big enough to add a snack or cookie beside the mug.

I am actually giving this to a gentleman who has a special interest in researching family tree history!  A friend from my quilt guild (Thank you Elizabeth !) gave me a lot of information about my ancestors, (back to the 1800's) ...who came to Canada from the the same place as her ancestors..Bukovina, Austria.  Anyway, she also connected me with this gentleman who has even more information!! And apparently we are even related back there in history somewhere!! Isn't that cool!!

So I met up with him for coffee while I was in Calgary, and he was amazing!! So much information! And so many links and connections ...I am overwhelmed!!

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  1. Very nice, Flo. A masculine flavor to this one. I like it!


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