Monday, November 19, 2012

hst...extra bonus

I still haven't finished my "Briar Rose" quilt... it is basted and waiting to be quilted! I am getting there!

But...when I was making it, I had to trim off all these little triangles...

I know..probably should just throw them away...but they are sooooo cute!!

And sewn together make the cutest little squares...only 1 1/2"!!  I am sure I will find a use for these someday!

 How about you...would you save them or chuck them out??? 


  1. at one time I would have kept them like you did, now I don't know if I would have, I have so many scraps. Depending on how many you have you could make some mug rugs or a table runner perhaps?

  2. I considered saving them, but don't. It's difficult to make tiny pieced blocks to lay flat. Burned fingers ....

  3. I allllllllways save them :) I usually try to somehow incorporate them in the back of the quilt or make a baby quilt.

    Right now I'm working on a Swoon quilt - it leaves you with some decent-sized bonus HSTs!

  4. i saved some a while ago, had to trim them all straight- dont think i sewed them when making the main blocks....

  5. Save them Flo! Stitch up a pincushion, needle book or some sachets filled with lavender(or whatever) for Christmas stockings!

  6. I save mine and put them in to a baggie....maybe some day I will use

  7. This is exactly how I ended up with over 400 sweet little hsts! I debated on what to do with them on my blog and a more experienced quilter suggested I just quickly sew the little triangle trimmings quickly into hsts before putting them away. And so I did. Chain piecing made it a lickity-split project. But then I felt compelled to trim them ... so I still have about 100 left to go. But they're darling and I can't wait to do something with them. I'm thinking baby quilt to match their parent quilt that was given as a wedding gift. The newlyweds are now expecting their first child. So that's the plan.


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