Wednesday, November 7, 2012

snowed in playtime...3 Dudes style

Well, when my flight to Calgary (for my daughter's convocation) was cancelled, it gave me 2 days of free time...with no commitments! So because it was freezing rain and icy outside, I spent the time playing in my sewing room.

I had this jelly roll ..Warmth by Moda..

and wanted to try out a quilt on the Missouri Star Quilt website (I love there videos!). This one was created by the 3 Dudes, and is really quick and fun. The video is very clear, and easy to follow, so I wont spend a lot of time explaining all the details.

But basically, you sew several strips together lengthwise. You can use any number...I sewed 5 strips, mixing up the colours. Then you cut them into squares... the size of the square will be determined by how many strips you use...
With 5 strips, by squares were 10 1/2 "

Then stack 2 squares, with the strips running perpendicular to each other... (you actually match up the edges, obviously, but I just did this so you could see the direction)

Sew all the way around the outside with a 1/4 " seam, and then cut this on the diagonal.

When you press them them together to form your block!! Easy Peasy!!

This goes together very quickly. ...

just play with the blocks until you get a pattern that you like. It is pretty scrappy, but I just tried to be sure the colours were fairly evenly distributed throughout. (taking a digital picture help to see this more can often spot problems this way)

Then I added a couple of borders..

and zipity doo da...the top is finished!! Add it to my pile to quilt!

So that is my WIP this week so I will link up to
The Needle and Thread Network..

And Lee's WIP Wed..


  1. Oh, I love this - have a jelly roll calling me!!

  2. Nicely done Flo! I love those videos too!

  3. Cool tutorial! Too bad about the flight, but sounds like you made the best of it!

  4. What a great idea to use up those fabs that no longer work!!!

  5. Thanks for a great tutorial. Did you make your quilt with just one jelly roll?

  6. It's like magic! Such a pretty quilt, and so easy! Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

  7. Totally loving this quilt & a brilliant quick tutorial. Soooo need to make one of these!

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  9. What a clever block. I love quilts like this - ones that look complex but are in reality quite easy to construct. I'm going to have to bookmark this one! Also - I do the "take a photo" thing too when I'm trying to decide on a final layout for a quilt. It sure helps, doesn't it?

  10. Huh? I am always so amazed at how you make this sound like whipping up a batch of cookies...for some of us, it would not only look would take a year to make it! I love the colors. I thought of you a couple of weeks ago. We went to an Amish auction and they had the most stunning handmade quilts for sale...a few were patterns I've never seen before.

  11. Well, "that was easy" :). Did you use both jellyrolls or one? I so want to do this! Thanks for the mini tutorial.

  12. I just discovered those videos on You Tube and tested out a few blocks... still haven't decided if I like that technique tho! Your blocks put together look great!

  13. Do you have a name for this quilt

  14. Очень красиво и все понятно. Спасибо!!

  15. Hi. . Did you say what it measured finished?

  16. Thank you for sharing this quick and easy quilt. Looks complicated, but your instructions are easy, clear and simple to follow.

  17. Pls allow me to show this in a sashed version. Sorry the pic is dark & as my sewing machine had died, so this was only basted, not sewn. Mine was pieced w/ 4 strips of jelly roll, not 5. Jenny Doan's tutorial f this credited it to 'Three Guys' quilters. I LOVE IT.

    don't know how to add pix here.


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